LGIM: Over Night Success

As I travel or even get ready for the day, I listen to a lot of podcasts. In fact one of my favorite ones are the biographies of famous people – stars, business owners , leaders. I love hearing from them because I can learn. I learn about their mistakes and messages and lessons

One of the things I hear over and over is the idea that success does not come come overnight.
None of them got fame and recognition immediately. It took (for most) years. And many of them only found fame at the moment they were ready to give up. There is NO overnight success.

As I hear them talking and sharing – the one thing they all say is that you can quit. You can’t give up. Even when the world is pushing you down, when rejection is surrounding you and when everyone around you tells you you’re crazy – you have to dig deep and keep going.

How many times do you want to give up?

Life, business – its hard. Some days you just wonder “why” you are doing what you do and if it is all worth it. And then one day – one instant it can change and the dream is there.

This week – push hard. If you hit rejection, if you are tired, if you come across someone who doesn’t believe in your dream – keep going.

To get the goal – you have to get up and fight for it every day.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: No Fear

As I was planning my week, the quote I came across was:

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

this is not a new quote, but today it rang loudly for me. What would I do if I knew I could not fail…..

So many times I think we hold back. We have a vision and dream, but we talk ourselves out of it. Why? Maybe it is fear. Maybe we don’t feel worthy ( I know I struggle with that one). Maybe we worry about what others would think of us.

Regardless – we hold back. But what if we didn’t fail? What if all of what we wanted and dreamed of actually came true? How cool would that be!

This week I challenge you, along with myself – no more holding back. Lets go for all the things we want. Let’s have NO FEAR an just believe that all we can dream can happen for us.

And as you feel the fear, just keep telling yourself – the only real failure is in not trying.

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LGIM: Back to School

Many of us are seeing our kids go back to school. We are watching them and encouraging them to get back into routine, to be ok with having set times for specific tasks/subjects in school and also blocking time for homework. Summer is over and it is time to get back to ‘work”

We expect out kids to do this so they have good habits for the future, so they can get the right things done and get into a good college.

hmmmmmmmm…. could we maybe learn something from all this?

Maybe we need to look at our days. Do we need to get back onto a schedule, block our time and also set certain times aside to work on specific items?

It may be time for us all to go back to school – back to routine, back to paying attention to how we spend our days.

This week, take a moment to get back. Get yourself grounded and prepared. There is a time for all things to get done – find out when that is for you.

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LGIM: Rome

Most of us are familiar with the phrase – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yet we continue to think we need to have our lives, our work and expectations done all at once. We live with this impending thou that we have to get it all done NOW.

This is silly. And impossible.

I think that in stead of thinking about all we have to get done, we need to shift and focus on the right things that need to get done. We have to start accepting that it will never all get done – but if we change our focus to the right things, the energy and reality of what we complete will be more rewarding.

So this week, take a moment and shift your focus. Determine the right things that ne to get done, the items that will help move you closer to your goals and vision for your life. After all we are building your life and I think that deserves the focus and attention of more than just one day.

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LGIM: the NEXT right move

Today I was listening to an interview between Oprah Winfrey and Tom Brady. She was asking Tom about winning and the strategies that he uses, especially when he needs a comeback. This is what he said:

When you are down in a game, you can’t come back and simply focus on “I have to win”, but rather is about asking yourself what is the next right step. If you just focus on when action you need to take next, then do that….then you go to the next one…eventually you have a series of right steps to get you to your goal.

For many of us, this is the time of year that is our half time – we are half way through the year in hitting our goals and targets. Maybe you are on track, maybe above, or possibly a little behind. That is ok…. Even if you are looking at your personal life –

do not focus on not being where you want to be or how you are going to get to the finish – rather focus on your next right move. What is the one thing you need to do today or this week – then DO THAT. Then repeat…what is the right move after that, and so forth.

This week, take a breath and really look to what your next right move is – maybe it is a planning session, a phone call or conversation, or simply doing a light and easy work out. Regardless of where you need to be at the end of the year – your results start today with your next right move. Go make it happen.


~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: I Love You

I love you – these are words we often say, or sometimes can be hard to say, to another.  However we know that when we say them, they can be powerful.

But how often do we say it to ourselves?

You see, most of us are so focused on others and showing others love, but we forget to show it to ourselves.  It can be a challenge because yes we need to serve others and show love for them, at the same time we can serve at our greatest level only when we have love and kindness for ourselves first.  Think about it…. if you don’t take care of yourself, if you don’t love yourself – how will others?

This week I challenge you to show love and kindness to yourself.  Each day take a moment to focus on something you love about yourself, something special that makes you YOU.  Maybe you:

are a great listener

are compassionate

have great follow through

provide excellent service

are funny

Weather in work or personal life, we each have special gifts that are authentic to us and allow us to show value to others.  This week take some time to celebrate YOU, and as you do others will join the celebration.


~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: What is Success

What is success to you?
As a coach, I help people reach “success” in life and business … but success is different for everyone.
In his TED talk,  social-psychologist Shawn Achor talks about the correlation between happiness and success. For many we attach happiness with reaching a certain goal or achievement, like a sales target. The problem with this is that once we get there we are not happy… maybe for a moment, but all it leads to is is setting a higher bar…  it becomes an endless cycle and we never really achieve happiness.
So many of us search for happiness and yet still we feel empty inside.  Is it because we are not really looking for happiness but rather success?? And when we can’t truly reach success, how can we become happy?
This week I challenge you to change you’re definition of success. Rather than it being on “getting a deal” or putting a sale together – focus first on happiness.  Put your intentions on serving others, living with gratitude and being present.
For me, daily success is:
Did I show love to another?
Did I inspire someone?
Did I contribute positively to the world?
If i can say yes to these three things, it was a successful day.  I no longer have to worry about business – as when i lead with these items, the rest just happens.  And I am feeling more at peace, and yes….happier.
So I ask you again – what is success to you ?
Change your view of success and see if happiness is easier to achieve
~ Coach Clara
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LGIM: What is YOUR job?

What is your job?
Most of us respond with sales, teacher, lawyer, etc but we are wrong. That may be our profession but it isn’t our job.
We all have the same job – to serve.
You see everyday we have an opportunity to serve and to connect with people. We have the ability to change lives by simply being there for others not to “sell” to them but rather to help them, to listen, to guide and basically to just be human
Outside of food clothing and shelter, connection is the next need we all have. This is really our job – to connect.
So this week, do YOUR job. Go and connect, really connect with others.  All your success will be a result of your being able (and willing) to connect and serve on a deeper level.
~ Coach Clara
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LGIM: The Results Formula

In Ninja, we talk about the formula for success.  It is

Your thoughts create your

beliefs which cause you to

talk action which leads to

your results


So in looking at the life and business you want ( the results) you have to start with your thoughts.

What are you thinking?

Are you thinking about the negative things around you?

All the reasons what you ‘cant ‘ have your goals?

Negative market conditions?


If you are focused on thoughts that are negative or only the challenges, how can you possibly get to your desired results?

This week, change your thoughts.  Focus on the good, focus on the opportunities and focus on what you can control.  How you think today ill determine your results tomorrow.  How bad do you want those results?

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Trust your Feet

In yoga, one of the best ways to ensure a good practice is to watch and focus on your feet.  Yes that’s right, your feet.  It is your feet that allow you to have a solid foundation.  They keep you solid in your poses and also help to insure good posture.  If you want a good practice, focus on your foundation.

The same is true in life, if we want a solid business or life, we have to have a solid foundation.

How is your’s?

Some of the ways we can create a solid foundation are through:

having a weekly and daily plan.  Know what you need to do, focus on and follow up on

surround yourself with an environment for success and growth

have people that will keep you grounded and focuses

work daily on the skills you need to help you become strong

This week, focus on your feet, the feet of your life and business.  Make sure you have a solid foundation to not only support you, but also carry you into the success you have in front of you.

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