LGIM: Congratulations

Shawn T, the creator of the fitness program Insanity, was on a panel and a guest was telling him of her struggles, both personal and professional. His response to her:


He was not being mean or condescending, but rather honest. He went on to explain that all of the struggles we go through are needed for success. We should learn to congratulate ourselves for not only facing the struggles, but for pushing through them.

His message – Success lies in the Struggle

This week, don’t be mad, fearful or run away from the challenges. This week embrace them and congratulate yourself for having them – this means you are in the right track!

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LGIM: Play the Game

One of the places I would love to go as a kid was the carnival. I loved the rides ( even though highly unsafe), the lights, the energy and all the games!

There were so many different games to play – all of which offered the ability to WIN a prize. And I wanted those prizes……

And the people who ran the carnival knew it too.…. In fact every thing they did was to draw us in and entice us to play those games.

The problem was that the games were very hard to win and often the prizes were not worth the cost one finally paid if they did win.

Many times in life, there are ‘games’ we want to play – some are good and others are not worth the promised pay off. They draw us in. they distract us. And often do not bring the desired fulfillment in the end.

Before you engage in an opportunity, take a moment to look at the full opportunity. Really pay attention to the “cost” of investing your time and energy to see if you are simply being enticed by the bright lights, or if this game is truly one worth playing.

Sometimes taking a pass and not engaging in the Carnival is the best option in the long run.

~Coach Clara

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As humans, we check our phones and social media over 2600 times a day
we have a higher amount of depression and anxiety than ever
in fact – in a world where we are so connected – we are also more disconnected than ever before.


We are over-connected with things we do not need and therefore missing the most basic human necessity – true connection.

You see it all around –
people who ride the bus or a train to work – no one talks
at a restaurant – families are glued to their phones
at the work place – most have less than 10 friends that they truly engage with on a regular basis.

We are social beings and we NEED each other. We need each other
to listen to
to care
to share life
to laugh and cry with

We need each other to live fully.

So this week, get connected. Truly connected. Pick up the phone. Meet someone face to face. Use video chat to see someone far away.

Get connected and see the positive energy it can bring to the world around us all.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Do YOU Believe?

Oprah was FIRED by tv executives saying she would never make it

Michael Jordan was CUT from the high school basket ball team

Walt Disney FAILED out of art school for lacking creativity

What’s the lesson in these stories – all great people fail.

Many of us give up trying because we are either afraid to fail or stop at the first sign of failure.

What kept these great people going was a fierce belief in themselves

Do you believe?

This week, really take time to get clear on your path and what you believe. We all have amazing talent and gifts, and an obligation to share them.

You may fail. People may think you are crazy – none of that matters when you believe.

This week dig deep and don’t give up – Believe in the power of YOU.

~Coach Clara

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LGIM: Pay attention to the Butterflies

Most of us are familiar with the butterfly effect – the belief that all things are connected and results are based on many small things that, over time build up to large results
In the butler fly effect, the concept is that a hurricane in the Caribbean Sea can be traced back to the small flap of a butterfly’s wing thousands of miles away

The long and short – one small action can dramatically affect an out come.

Think about this today – one small step, action, decision. Is all it takes to effect a result.

Sometimes I think we believe that doing some thing small won’t make a difference – one phone call, a simple handwritten note, reading a few pages of a book – but it does ….
sometimes it is all in that one small step. That one call may lead to a deal, that note card may change a persons outlook on the day and that chapter in the book may spark a life changing belief.

This week – what BOLD move can you take. What is that one thing that appears to be so small but over time can build up momentum and impact change ? This week don’t hold back from that one small step. After all – that one small move IS your future.

~Coach Clara

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LGIM: Rabbit Season

There is a saying  – if you chase 2 rabbits you won’t catch any. Well I saw this first hand the other day.
My dog Lulu loves chasing rabbits. The only thing she may love more is chasing a squirrel. We were on our walk and in front of us about 30 feet were three rabbits having a Pow Wow in the middle of the road. As we got closer they didn’t move. I could see the excitement grow in Lulu. She got a little skip in her step and I could see her ears perk up.
The closer we got, that rabbits didn’t move. It was as if they were wanting Lulu to get as close as possible.
And then it Happened – in unison all three rabbits bolted in different directions. And Lulu ….. she stood frozen.  She didn’t know what to do. Which one to chase. She was frozen.

How many times does this happen to us? We have choices and opportunities, items to complete a mile long. And instead of moving forward we just stand still. Motionless

You see too many choices cause paralysis. When there is too much in front of us it’s like the rabbits – we don’t know which way to go. And therefore don’t do anything.

This week, work to minimize your choices. Look at the core and critical items that really need to be a priority and focus on those.  And only those.  Don’t overwhelm yourself.

You cannot do it all so pick the right things to do. Otherwise you may find yourself standing in the middle of the street wondering where all the rabbits went.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: No Shortcuts

Drew Carey was well known for his staring role as the chubby, funny guy on the Drew Carey Show. After developing some health concerns, he later emerged onto the scene as the host of the Price is Right – and he showed up about 80 pounds lighter.

When asked how he did it, he simply responded – The Old Fashion Way. Smart Diet and exercise.

You see, as a star, Drew had access to all the fads, all the quick tricks, but he knew if he really wanted to have healthy, long-term success there was not short cut.

What goal are you trying to meet?

For most of us, to achieve these goals we also have to work the old fashion methods – hard work, consistency and connection. There is no short cut to success.

This week, dig deep. Don’t look for the short cuts. Yes they may bring some early wins – but if you want lasting change and success….you have to work the system and not cut corners.

Success does not have short cuts.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Brand New Day

Today is New day. It’s the first day of your new life.
How many times have we heard that?

But it’s true….

Everyday is a chance to make great things happen. To take new chances and to build your tomorrow.

I find that we hold on to yesterday and all we didn’t do. We hold our failures and short comings over ourselves and let the past define our today.

No more

Shake off yesterday.  Focus on today.  Focus on who you will connect with and impact. What you will do to make your mark and use your time with purpose. Use all of today for what it holds.

No one knows how many fresh starts you will have – but you have today. Use it!

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Brick by Brick

A great brick mansion starts with a vision and one brick. It takes time to complete.  often others cannot see the masterpiece and the beauty and wonder why we are wasting our time. They cannon see the vision, the beauty…  But the builder knows it is there – and even though they can’t see it, he/she still shows up daily with new bricks to add to the vision

We need to be like this in our lives and business. We have to start with a vision and show up daily to build it.  Brick by brick.

Others may not see it, in fact there will be times we question and may not even see it…. but we keep believing and know we are working toward the vision.

This week keep building.  Even if other question what you are doing. Keep laying your bricks and believing in what you are doing.  Just because you can’t “see” the finished project today , know your masterpiece is unfolding in all you do.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Create a New Path

If there is a hole cut into a tree – the tree will grow around it
if a meteor makes a crater in the earth – in time the crater will fill up with different kinds of life and vegetation
a river will continue to flow and forge a new path, working its way around barriers

Similarly we need to make sure we are not letting things stop us. Life will always give us challenges, but the question is will we stop or push through.

This week, prepare for the week and also be open to the challenges. If something difficult, something that will stop you comes up – take a deep breath and be determined to push through.

We cannot stop the challenges from coming, but we can have the strength and determination to not let it stop us.

~Coach Clara

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