LGIM: Stop Smoking

 If you are a smoker and decide to quit smoking but you still hang out with other smokers you really haven’t quit because you’re not getting the full benefits.  You still are surrounded by smoke.
The same goes for us with growth and success.  We personally can decide that we want to change a habits or a discipline and  even take the steps to move in a direction toward success. but if the people we surround ourselves,  if the things that we listen to and  the environment we surround ourselves with is one of scarcity and lacks abundance…. we really are not going to be able to grow and change.
We become what we surround ourselves with and if we are staying in around negativity we cannot change the dynamic or the results.
If you really want change, if you really want to achieve something BIG, you need to not only make the decision but also take a risk and commit to change the environment around you. Work to remove negativity and scarcity and create room for love, growth and abundance
 This week don’t just ‘stop smoking’ but also clear the air  all around you so you can breath in and be healthy!
~ Coach Clara
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LGIM: Don’t take on Water

A ship can sail through any water and not sink.  It is only when it allows water into its hull, that it will begin to have issues and eventually sink.

We are like a ship too – we have the power and ability to  navigate through any issues, obstacles and journeys.  It is only when we choose to allow in ‘bad stuff’ that we begin to lose power and sink.  For us this is when we take on a mindset of scarcity, negativity and fear.  All these things become heavy on our hearts and mind and keep us from moving strong through our days.

So this week, protect your ship.  Keep your mind focused and clear of anything that can pull your down and cause you to sink.  Steer clear of negativity and focus on abundance and gratitude.

Like the ship – you are solid and can navigate through anything and make it to your life, your dreams, your goals.


~ Clara

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LGIM: Focus on the Game

While listening to a podcast this week, i heard something that stuck with me.  The speaker said that when we set goals make sure to measure the game, not the gap.

What he was talking about was that we often look at,and focus on all the things we don’t accomplish and lose sight of some of the really good things that we have achieved.

Most of us set big goals; we want to achieve great things and therefore have to think big, set big and go big.  And when you do this – you don’t always achieve 100% of the goal…but you do get a lot further than where you started  And at the end of the day – that counts!

So by measuring the ‘game’ we can focus on how far we have come; maybe we have hit 75%, 80% or 90% of the goal…and that is still something to admire because if we didn’t have a goal at all, we would not have even come this far.

This week – focus on the Game.  Yes do your best to live BIG and go for your goals, yet if you don’t hit 100% try to focus on the Wins you do have – after all what you focus on expands.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Where is your GPS taking you?

Where are you going?


When you get into a car and are headed to your destination, GPS will help you get there. And to make this happen you only need to know 2 things:

  1. Where you are going and
  2. Where you are starting

Achieving goals and accomplishing targets is the same…  you have to know where you want to go and you also must acknowledge where you are now.

Often we have an idea on both, but we really are not certain; we have a thought, but not a clear vision and therefore we don’t have a clear path to get there.

This week, get clear.  Know where you want to go this week, what you want to accomplish and what are your priorities.  Then take stock in where you are each day.  Be honest about your energy level, your commitment and take responsibility for your actions.

This week, plug-in your starting point and your desired destination and let the journey begin.  The ride will be smoother and the arrival to your destination will be on the horizon.


~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Are those Diamonds???

There is an old tale of a farmer who dreamed of building a fortune.  Every day he worked tirelessly, yet he never could build the fortune he dreamed of.  It seemed far off and unattainable.

One day, he heard a story from a traveling tradesman of a far off town where they had diamonds as large as one’s hand.  Surely that is all he needed!  Without a thought he left his farm and headed to this land in search of his fortune.  He searched for years and never did he find a small diamond, let alone one as large as his hand.

Feeling defeat and shame, the farmer fell into despair and sadness and eventually died lonely and penniless.

Soon after, the traveling tradesman made his way back to the farmer’s old land.  He stopped to talk with the new owner and noticed a small diamond on his mantle.  ”  Where did you get that” he asked the new land owner…..

“down by the stream that runs through this farm…. it is full of them.”

Most of us have diamonds right in our own back yard, but we don’t see them because we are focused on what we are missing or wanting more.  Don’t get me wrong – it is good to dream and to think about accomplishing more…just not at the risk of losing sight of the good things you already have. Sometimes we are too busy thinking of what we don’t have that we lose sight of what treasures we have in front of us.

This week focus on what is most important to you – look at what you have and how you can use your resources to the highest use.  Dedicate your efforts to excelling where you are, not dreaming of what you could be missing.   You never know… there could be a diamond laying at your feet.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: The Sweet Spot

If you play golf, there is a spot on the club where if you hit the ball just right, the gold ball will soar exactly where you want it to go. It is called the “sweet spot”
We have a sweet spot too. It is that place in us where everything flows perfectly, where we feel confident and our actions are fluid.  The challenge is, just like with the golf club, it isn’t always easy to get to that spot.
Often times we are just off the sweet spot and therefore don’t quite reach the goals and targets we want.
Just as in the game of golf, our goal is to slow down, prepare and aim for where we can ge at our best – to do everything we can to help us target that sweet spot with every day we have.  Our goal is to be our best, to live in our “sweet spot” as often as possible
This week give yourself the gift of preparation. Before you go out into the day, take a moment to assess if you are ready – are you energized, do you know your goals for the day , is your mind ready to give it’s best?
This week  play the game and play it well  – don’t settle for anything less than hitting that “sweet spot” in your life and your business
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DECEMBER: End Your Year with Kindness

As we welcome the last month of 2017, we are inspired by Ninja Coach, Gretchen Adams, to strengthen our ties to our communities through a month of Random Acts of Kindness.  December’s “Challenge” is just that….
Commit to a month of daily random acts of kindness.  

“Do the good that’s in front of you, even if it feels very small.”

This message from author and world-renowned teacher, Sharon Salzberg is simple but profoundly powerful.  We do not have to go far to do good in this world.  A small act of kindness towards a neighbor, a co-worker, or a stranger on the street can have a ripple effect.  Taking the time to give a heartfelt smile to a stranger or surprising a friend with a cup of coffee may seem small, but to the recipient, it could be the lift they need to tackle whatever is going on in their life.  Acknowledging others, seeing them as human, doing kindness where it is unexpected, often has a greater impact than you can imagine.  The best part is it takes very little!

Below is a month worth of Random Acts of Kindness as put together by Coach Gretchen.  You can use it as a guide for inspiration or follow it to the letter.  The goal will be to do one Random Act of Kindness each day.  If you decide to take on this challenge, we would love for you to join us mid-month to hear how it’s going.  Look for call details the week of the 11th.    We can’t wait to hear the things that transpire.

A huge shout out to Coach Gretchen for sharing this idea for December!
What a way to wrap up an amazing year!

Happy Holidays!

(Click calendar below to download.)

NINJA COACHING:  Random Acts of Kindness

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LGIM: Prepare for Harvest

At the beginning of each growing season, a farmer needs to prepare the soil.  They need to turn it over and fertilize it so it is ready for the season and the seeds that will be planted.

We are like that soil.  FOr our lives and business, if we want our ‘roots’ to take hold, we must prepare.  We have to get ourselves ready both mentally and purposefully before the growth can begin.

So think about a goal you have – are you ready?

Is your mindset open and ready for growth?

Do you have your support group?

Are you aware of the activities you need to do each day/week/month?

Just like the farmer, if you want success you must take time to prepare.  It is not easy and it will take time…but the time spent to prepare will bring you a beautiful crop – it will bring you the goals and life you seek.

This week, take a moment to prepare yourself for the success you envision.  The future you will thank you.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Happy Birthday

When your birthday comes around, most of us are happy.  We are excited for what the day may bring….

the celebration

the presents

the words from friends, family and co-workers

It is your day to feel special.

And we feel special because we have an impending event….

what if you had an impending event to look forward to every day?  What is there was something ‘special’ about each day – something to look forward to?

maybe a call to a loved one

a well deserved nap

a walk in the park

The idea of having something special to look forward to in each day can put a pep in your step and make the day that much more enjoyable.  Rather than looking at the day with all you ‘ have’ to do – you can look for the special moment that makes the day one to remember.

This week – set some time for something special in each day.  Get excited and Celebrate each day for the simple pleasure and gift it will bring you!


~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Lollipops

I heard a story of a young girl who was afraid to go away to college.  She was from a small town and the idea of living far from her home, her family and what she knew terrified her.
Day one was quickly approaching and she was busy getting her books and walking the grounds.  She knew she to at least get through her first day – that was the promise she made to her parents
She came into the quad but the college book store and it was flooded with people. She could feel her anxiety level rise.  There was a man who was in the middle of the quad selling lollipops – he saw her and smiled. He then called out
“Who here would be so lucky as to by this beautiful young lady a lollipop ?”
She wanted to hide and run away
Then she heard
“I will” from a boy in the other side of the man
“No let me” said another
And soon he budding began.  Everyone was laughing, even her.  In a moment her fears went away and she felt a calm and sense of belonging come over her.  She knew it was going to be ok and she had a new community here with her
It’s funny how one lollipop can change your perspective. We all have had that moment – a time where someone believed in us or took us in to make us feel strong and safe. What was your lollipop moment?
This week,  remember your moment and also strive to be that person to another.  We have the ability to change lives and make others strong
Who can you give a lollipop to this week?
~ Coach Clara
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