LGIM: No Shortcuts

Drew Carey was well known for his staring role as the chubby, funny guy on the Drew Carey Show. After developing some health concerns, he later emerged onto the scene as the host of the Price is Right – and he showed up about 80 pounds lighter.

When asked how he did it, he simply responded – The Old Fashion Way. Smart Diet and exercise.

You see, as a star, Drew had access to all the fads, all the quick tricks, but he knew if he really wanted to have healthy, long-term success there was not short cut.

What goal are you trying to meet?

For most of us, to achieve these goals we also have to work the old fashion methods – hard work, consistency and connection. There is no short cut to success.

This week, dig deep. Don’t look for the short cuts. Yes they may bring some early wins – but if you want lasting change and success….you have to work the system and not cut corners.

Success does not have short cuts.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Brand New Day

Today is New day. It’s the first day of your new life.
How many times have we heard that?

But it’s true….

Everyday is a chance to make great things happen. To take new chances and to build your tomorrow.

I find that we hold on to yesterday and all we didn’t do. We hold our failures and short comings over ourselves and let the past define our today.

No more

Shake off yesterday.  Focus on today.  Focus on who you will connect with and impact. What you will do to make your mark and use your time with purpose. Use all of today for what it holds.

No one knows how many fresh starts you will have – but you have today. Use it!

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Brick by Brick

A great brick mansion starts with a vision and one brick. It takes time to complete.  often others cannot see the masterpiece and the beauty and wonder why we are wasting our time. They cannon see the vision, the beauty…  But the builder knows it is there – and even though they can’t see it, he/she still shows up daily with new bricks to add to the vision

We need to be like this in our lives and business. We have to start with a vision and show up daily to build it.  Brick by brick.

Others may not see it, in fact there will be times we question and may not even see it…. but we keep believing and know we are working toward the vision.

This week keep building.  Even if other question what you are doing. Keep laying your bricks and believing in what you are doing.  Just because you can’t “see” the finished project today , know your masterpiece is unfolding in all you do.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Create a New Path

If there is a hole cut into a tree – the tree will grow around it
if a meteor makes a crater in the earth – in time the crater will fill up with different kinds of life and vegetation
a river will continue to flow and forge a new path, working its way around barriers

Similarly we need to make sure we are not letting things stop us. Life will always give us challenges, but the question is will we stop or push through.

This week, prepare for the week and also be open to the challenges. If something difficult, something that will stop you comes up – take a deep breath and be determined to push through.

We cannot stop the challenges from coming, but we can have the strength and determination to not let it stop us.

~Coach Clara

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LGIM: Into the Wind

I read a quote today:

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”


There will be times where you feel the world, others, success – everything is working against you. But it isn’t. It is just a moment in time. We have to remember that there will be struggles, times that feel strange and uncomfortable and even moment where we wonder if we should continue on our path. We have to be like the airplane and fly through that wind. We need to continue on with full force and not let off the gas.

We can accomplish great things, but we have to keep moving forward.

So this week, if there are moments of challenge, embrace them and know that as you push through you will soon also break through the clouds and be soaring high to your destination.

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Imagine if you are sitting in a room staring at a wall.  It isn’t much of a view.  However if you just shifted to the side ( just a little bit) you would now be looking out the window seeing trees, birds… a much more pleasant view.


You didn’t do much – but that small change shifted the entire perspective of the world around you.

Sometimes all we need to do to see beauty, to change our ‘view’ is simply to change our perspective.

If we wake up feeling down or frustrated

if we leave a meeting feeling defeated

of even have a phone conversation that leaves us a little flat…


Just shift and change your perspective.  Change your situation and you may find a whole new solution, a new appreciation for what is in front of you.  You may soon realize the perspective you needed all along was just a not as far away as you once thought.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Over Night Success

As I travel or even get ready for the day, I listen to a lot of podcasts. In fact one of my favorite ones are the biographies of famous people – stars, business owners , leaders. I love hearing from them because I can learn. I learn about their mistakes and messages and lessons

One of the things I hear over and over is the idea that success does not come come overnight.
None of them got fame and recognition immediately. It took (for most) years. And many of them only found fame at the moment they were ready to give up. There is NO overnight success.

As I hear them talking and sharing – the one thing they all say is that you can quit. You can’t give up. Even when the world is pushing you down, when rejection is surrounding you and when everyone around you tells you you’re crazy – you have to dig deep and keep going.

How many times do you want to give up?

Life, business – its hard. Some days you just wonder “why” you are doing what you do and if it is all worth it. And then one day – one instant it can change and the dream is there.

This week – push hard. If you hit rejection, if you are tired, if you come across someone who doesn’t believe in your dream – keep going.

To get the goal – you have to get up and fight for it every day.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: No Fear

As I was planning my week, the quote I came across was:

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

this is not a new quote, but today it rang loudly for me. What would I do if I knew I could not fail…..

So many times I think we hold back. We have a vision and dream, but we talk ourselves out of it. Why? Maybe it is fear. Maybe we don’t feel worthy ( I know I struggle with that one). Maybe we worry about what others would think of us.

Regardless – we hold back. But what if we didn’t fail? What if all of what we wanted and dreamed of actually came true? How cool would that be!

This week I challenge you, along with myself – no more holding back. Lets go for all the things we want. Let’s have NO FEAR an just believe that all we can dream can happen for us.

And as you feel the fear, just keep telling yourself – the only real failure is in not trying.

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LGIM: Back to School

Many of us are seeing our kids go back to school. We are watching them and encouraging them to get back into routine, to be ok with having set times for specific tasks/subjects in school and also blocking time for homework. Summer is over and it is time to get back to ‘work”

We expect out kids to do this so they have good habits for the future, so they can get the right things done and get into a good college.

hmmmmmmmm…. could we maybe learn something from all this?

Maybe we need to look at our days. Do we need to get back onto a schedule, block our time and also set certain times aside to work on specific items?

It may be time for us all to go back to school – back to routine, back to paying attention to how we spend our days.

This week, take a moment to get back. Get yourself grounded and prepared. There is a time for all things to get done – find out when that is for you.

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LGIM: Rome

Most of us are familiar with the phrase – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yet we continue to think we need to have our lives, our work and expectations done all at once. We live with this impending thou that we have to get it all done NOW.

This is silly. And impossible.

I think that in stead of thinking about all we have to get done, we need to shift and focus on the right things that need to get done. We have to start accepting that it will never all get done – but if we change our focus to the right things, the energy and reality of what we complete will be more rewarding.

So this week, take a moment and shift your focus. Determine the right things that ne to get done, the items that will help move you closer to your goals and vision for your life. After all we are building your life and I think that deserves the focus and attention of more than just one day.

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