LGIM: Where are YOU Going?

I was watching a movie in which the father was teaching his daughter how to ski.  He commented to her:

Don’t look at the ground, look at where you want to go.  If you are only looking at the ground…that is where you will end up.

This is good advice for us as well – both in out business and personal lives.  Where are YOU looking?  And will that get you where you want to go?

I think right now with COVID, this is critical… Many are focused on how it was before the shut down and others on the fear and uncertainty of where they are today; but if you are only focused on the past and the present how can you see the opportunities for where you want to go and who you want to become?

This week, focus on the journey.  Where to YOU want to end up?  You can use the past and the present as a point of reference, but do not live there.  Focus instead on where you want to end up.

Have a wonderful and exciting trip!

~Coach Clara

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LGIM: Success Starts with Happiness

We all talk about the importance of being happy – but what really is the secret recipe to not just get happy, but also stay happy?  Well it is easier than you may think….
Social psychologist, Shawn Achor became famous with his TED talk on Happiness and here is what he said:
Success does not lead to happiness – happiness is the root of success 
Most of us are programed to think just the opposite – we need to have success first and then ( and only then) will we find happiness.  I know that is how i thought for many years.  I tied happiness to success and because of that i struggled to be happy for more than a few moments; i was always searching for more, i was not satisfied and continually felt “empty”.
But it can change…..  you just have to change your program and here is how you can do that:
Begin the day with 3 new gratitudes – little things what bring you joy and that allow you to scan the world for positivity.
Journal – this allows you to recall the good things that happen to you in any given day.  Rather than ending your day with feelings of emptiness or that you didnt get it all done – you can focus on the good that DID happen.
Move – you have to get active.  Take just 15 minutes and move your body – you can work out or simply have some fun; shoot some hoops, have a dance party ( i personally recommend Prince, the GoGos and Earth Wind and Fire but anything works ) , take your dog to the park, play hide and seek with your kids… just get moving and release some stress.
Get quiet – Meditation is great and has amazing health and wellness benefits, but even taking 2 minutes daily to just quiet your mind can give you the shift you need.  Our brains are computers and they need some down time.  Take a couple minutes each day and just sit in quiet.
Random Acts of Kindness – Kindness does count.  Do something nice for someone, not because you have to or you are getting something in return…just be nice.  Shawn recommends sending a positive email letting someone know you appreciate them, but you can also do a handwritten note, a positive text or even call them and just day “hi”  Kindness breeds kindness and i think we all can use more of this.
Happiness IS attainable and also sustainable. This week remember  that both success and happiness are within your reach. Follow these simple tips daily and see how happiness flows into your days
And here’s an extra challenge – pick a partner ( friend, accountability partner, family members)  and do it together.  Happiness IS contagious. Let’s spread it around
~ Coach Clara
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LGIM: Is 60% Enough?

In order for an airplane to get off the ground it requires energy.  In fact it takes roughly 60% thrust to get it up in the air.
Many of us are giving 60% effort too.  We are putting forth energy, and we are moving,  but is it really enough to get us to where we want to go?
In Ninja Selling we talk about the Net Forward Energy Ratio (NFER), basically what results can we expect based on the energy we expend toward a particular goal.  Here is how it lays out:
60% Effort / 40 % resistance = 1.5 / 10 NFER ( roughly about a 15% return/success rate)
80% Effort / 20% Resistance = 4/10 NFER
90% Effort / 10% Resistance = 9/10 NFER
and when you give 100% Effort – the possibilities are infinite and results are limitless.
So the question I have for you is what type of effort are you giving?  Is 60% enough to get you where you want to go?  This week I challenge you to take an honest look at how you are showing up and the effort you are putting in.  The year is NOT over yet.
Give your all and create real change.  After all, why simply take off when you really can soar!
~Coach Clara
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LGIM: Are you Wound UP?

You may be familiar with the Grandfather Clock.  They keep great time and do not need to be wound daily.  In fact many can go an entire week without being re-wound.
After a week, however they will stop if they are not re-wound….
We are the same.  We can go strong for many days.  Ticking away and working non-stop.  But eventually if we forget to care for our internal systems, we will stop working as well.
It is important to make sure we are re-setting ourselves so we can continue to keep going and deliver our gifts to others.  We need to make time for rest, self-care, laughter and personal time.
Don’t let self care slip off your radar.  Give yourself continued attention and you will be able to keep going too.
~ Coach Clara
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EPISODE 8: The Traveler’s Gift

Welcome back to Ninja Coaching Book Reviews!

This month, we have a great summer read for you all. Ninja Coaches, Gretchen Adams and Tona Restine, bring us their review and thoughts on The Traveler’s Gift, by Andy Andrews.

Spoiler alert, they loved it so much we are doing another book study!!!

Click below to listen to their full book review.

If it sounds like the kind of book you want to take a deep dive on (or you have read it in the past and want to re-explore it on a deeper level), you can register for the upcoming book study HERE

This book study is open to anyone who wants to be a part of a supportive community, interested in discussing ideas and exploring ways to apply concepts in their real lives and businesses. If you are on the Ninja path, if you are in the business world, if you just like discussing new ideas and enjoying a sense of community, this is for you!

Grab the book
(order on Amazon here)

Join us next Monday, July 20th
to discuss
the first of the “Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success”. 

**All live sessions are recorded and distributed to our registered participants in case 3pm CST on Mondays is not the best time for you. That said, personal engagement is highly recommended.

If you have ideas of a book you would like Gretchen and Tona to discuss, please shoot them an email at bookreviews@ninjacoaching.com.

Need to catch up on Gretchen and Tona’s
other Ninja Coaching Book Reviews?
You them out HERE.

Are you interested in reading
The Traveler’s Gift?
Click here to order from Amazon.

We hope you will join us, starting July 20th.

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LGIM: Watch out for Curve Balls

In baseball, the pitcher can decide which type ball to throw – fast, slow, curve – and the batter has to be ready.  They do not know what ball is going to be thrown at them so they need to take time to prepare for whatever may come their way.
Players spend hours preparing for each type of pitch and they also depend on their team and coaches to prep them and keep watch along with them.  All this preparation is there to aid them in success.
Life  is like this – you never know what  is going to be pitched at you.  Somedays its smooth and straight and others are just the opposite.
Even though we can never be 100% certain of what is coming our way, we can prepare.  We can plan our weeks out to highlight upcoming events and targets, we can surround ourselves with others that help look out and support us, and we can create an environment that promotes focus and limits distractions.
Life can be messy and uncertain, but when you are prepared you will be more confident and ready for anything that comes your way… even those curve balls.
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LGIM: Do you need a Check Up?

We all know that when people are confused, they do not move forward. In Ninja, we use a process of asking diagnostic questions to help bring clarity to our clients…. Afterall, once they are clear they can make better decisions and take action. The questions are these:
Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?
In life, we get stuck sometimes too. Why not try to bring yourself some clarity and ask the same questions to help unlock your action?
Who? Who do I need anyone else to help me achieve my goals? And Assistant? Do I need help from leadership? A mentor? Other…. Determine who you need on your team to help you achieve your goals. You do not need to do it alone?
What? What is your “product”. For most of us – WE are the product so get clear on what you are offering and why that can help your client. How are you unique? What skills/talents do you have that can help them?
When? What is your time frame for accomplishing goals? Take larger goals and pair them down. Have monthy/weekly/daily goals so you can see progress daily.
Where? Where will you focus your time? Who is your target audience? You do not need to do everything nor do you need to work with everybody. Get clear on where your focus needs to go. What we focus on expands.
Why? What is your ‘real’ goal or purpose? It is not to just sell something. Is it financial freedom? Leaving a legacy? Becoming and expert in your field? Know you WHY as that will help you in the other areas and also get you excited about pushing forward toward your goals.
How? How will you accomplish your goals? Do you need to do more face time appointments? Mailings? Social media? There is no right or wrong answer – you just have to get clear and how you will approach your business. Everything works – nothing doesn’t.

This week check up on yourself. Get clear on where you are and where you want to go. Once you are clear you will be unstoppable!

~Coach Clara

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LGIM: Have a glass of water

One day a teacher wanted to share a lesson on perspective to her students. She took a glass and filled it with water and the. Asked the students how heavy the glass was

As they responded the teacher simply smiled and replied

The actual weight is the glass does not matter. What matters is how long you have to hold onto the glass.

You see if we only hold it for a few moments it can seem relatively light, but over time those few ounces can begin to feel heavier

Stress and worry are the same. We all have stress, but how long we hold onto it will determine the effect it has over our lives. If we can learn to face, accept, and work through the stress, the effect will be minimal. But if we hold onto that stress and worry, they will become so heavy that it will begin to numb and paralyze us.

This week if you feel stressed or worried, acknowledge it and work through it. Do not hold onto it. The more we can work though our issues the lighter we will feel, and we can move forward more freely.

~ Coach Clara

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EPISODE 7: The 12 Week Year

Welcome back to Ninja Coaching Book Reviews!

We are super excited to share with you our newest book review. But, first things first, please take a minute to listen to our hosts share a special announcement…..

Special Announcement from Gretchen Adams and Tona Restine recorded last week.

We are sooo excited! The only thing better than stumbling upon a great book, is discovering a great book and being able to discuss it with someone else who is right in the thick of it also. There are just some books that deserve so much more than a quick read through! The idea of our book study will be to meet over several weeks and have interactive virtual meetings to discuss the ideas and immediate applications of such ideas. Maybe a better name for it would be a Book Mastermind??

As Gretchen and Tona said in the video, The 12 Week Year, will be the book we dive into first. It seems especially timely after many of us experienced a “pause” in our year and may now be looking to accomplish all they had hoped to accomplish but now in less time. Below is the full review of the book to give you an idea of what is in store.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of click here to register.

There is no cost. Anyone is welcome to join. There will be some discussion of how ideas fit in with our Ninja systems, but even for those not in real estate or mortgage, who may or may not have any idea what Ninja is, there will be value!!

Thank you for continuing to join us for these book reviews.
We are super excited to take this to the next level.
Please share with anyone you think could benefit or would like to join us.

If you have ideas of a book you would like Gretchen and Tona to discuss, please shoot them an email at bookreviews@ninjacoaching.com.

Need to catch up on Gretchen and Tona’s
other Ninja Coaching Book Reviews?
You them out HERE.

Are you interested in reading
The 12 Week Year?
Click here to order from Amazon.

We hope you will join us, starting June 8th.

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LGIM: The Cost of Worry

What if you had to put a dollar into a jar every time you worried? It would add up
pretty quick wouldn’t it?

In fact, most of us don’t pay attention to the amount of time and energy we spend daily on worrying or consider that it may, quite possibly, be bankrupting us.

Worrying is a real thing and there is a cost to us. It costs us:

Stress and anxiety
Mental exhaustion
Lack of focus
Disconnection from others
And more

You know what else takes up time? Happy thoughts. Gratitude. Kindness. And whereas worry can drain our (mental and emotional) piggy bank, the others tend to fill and replenish that same piggy bank.

Worrying is real and I am not saying that at times it is not justified, but if you find that you are worrying more than normal, you need to pay attention to it.

There is a cost to our thoughts. Good and bad. The question I have for you is are you investing your thoughts into accounts that will drain you or grow you?

This week lets focus on less worry and more happiness. Let’s fill that piggy bank with good thoughts and see how those thoughts can compound into good fortune for us, and others around us.

~Coach Clara

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