LGIM: Do you need a Check Up?

We all know that when people are confused, they do not move forward. In Ninja, we use a process of asking diagnostic questions to help bring clarity to our clients…. Afterall, once they are clear they can make better decisions and take action. The questions are these:
Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?
In life, we get stuck sometimes too. Why not try to bring yourself some clarity and ask the same questions to help unlock your action?
Who? Who do I need anyone else to help me achieve my goals? And Assistant? Do I need help from leadership? A mentor? Other…. Determine who you need on your team to help you achieve your goals. You do not need to do it alone?
What? What is your “product”. For most of us – WE are the product so get clear on what you are offering and why that can help your client. How are you unique? What skills/talents do you have that can help them?
When? What is your time frame for accomplishing goals? Take larger goals and pair them down. Have monthy/weekly/daily goals so you can see progress daily.
Where? Where will you focus your time? Who is your target audience? You do not need to do everything nor do you need to work with everybody. Get clear on where your focus needs to go. What we focus on expands.
Why? What is your ‘real’ goal or purpose? It is not to just sell something. Is it financial freedom? Leaving a legacy? Becoming and expert in your field? Know you WHY as that will help you in the other areas and also get you excited about pushing forward toward your goals.
How? How will you accomplish your goals? Do you need to do more face time appointments? Mailings? Social media? There is no right or wrong answer – you just have to get clear and how you will approach your business. Everything works – nothing doesn’t.

This week check up on yourself. Get clear on where you are and where you want to go. Once you are clear you will be unstoppable!

~Coach Clara

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LGIM: Have a glass of water

One day a teacher wanted to share a lesson on perspective to her students. She took a glass and filled it with water and the. Asked the students how heavy the glass was

As they responded the teacher simply smiled and replied

The actual weight is the glass does not matter. What matters is how long you have to hold onto the glass.

You see if we only hold it for a few moments it can seem relatively light, but over time those few ounces can begin to feel heavier

Stress and worry are the same. We all have stress, but how long we hold onto it will determine the effect it has over our lives. If we can learn to face, accept, and work through the stress, the effect will be minimal. But if we hold onto that stress and worry, they will become so heavy that it will begin to numb and paralyze us.

This week if you feel stressed or worried, acknowledge it and work through it. Do not hold onto it. The more we can work though our issues the lighter we will feel, and we can move forward more freely.

~ Coach Clara

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EPISODE 7: The 12 Week Year

Welcome back to Ninja Coaching Book Reviews!

We are super excited to share with you our newest book review. But, first things first, please take a minute to listen to our hosts share a special announcement…..

Special Announcement from Gretchen Adams and Tona Restine recorded last week.

We are sooo excited! The only thing better than stumbling upon a great book, is discovering a great book and being able to discuss it with someone else who is right in the thick of it also. There are just some books that deserve so much more than a quick read through! The idea of our book study will be to meet over several weeks and have interactive virtual meetings to discuss the ideas and immediate applications of such ideas. Maybe a better name for it would be a Book Mastermind??

As Gretchen and Tona said in the video, The 12 Week Year, will be the book we dive into first. It seems especially timely after many of us experienced a “pause” in our year and may now be looking to accomplish all they had hoped to accomplish but now in less time. Below is the full review of the book to give you an idea of what is in store.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of click here to register.

There is no cost. Anyone is welcome to join. There will be some discussion of how ideas fit in with our Ninja systems, but even for those not in real estate or mortgage, who may or may not have any idea what Ninja is, there will be value!!

Thank you for continuing to join us for these book reviews.
We are super excited to take this to the next level.
Please share with anyone you think could benefit or would like to join us.

If you have ideas of a book you would like Gretchen and Tona to discuss, please shoot them an email at bookreviews@ninjacoaching.com.

Need to catch up on Gretchen and Tona’s
other Ninja Coaching Book Reviews?
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Are you interested in reading
The 12 Week Year?
Click here to order from Amazon.

We hope you will join us, starting June 8th.

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LGIM: The Cost of Worry

What if you had to put a dollar into a jar every time you worried? It would add up
pretty quick wouldn’t it?

In fact, most of us don’t pay attention to the amount of time and energy we spend daily on worrying or consider that it may, quite possibly, be bankrupting us.

Worrying is a real thing and there is a cost to us. It costs us:

Stress and anxiety
Mental exhaustion
Lack of focus
Disconnection from others
And more

You know what else takes up time? Happy thoughts. Gratitude. Kindness. And whereas worry can drain our (mental and emotional) piggy bank, the others tend to fill and replenish that same piggy bank.

Worrying is real and I am not saying that at times it is not justified, but if you find that you are worrying more than normal, you need to pay attention to it.

There is a cost to our thoughts. Good and bad. The question I have for you is are you investing your thoughts into accounts that will drain you or grow you?

This week lets focus on less worry and more happiness. Let’s fill that piggy bank with good thoughts and see how those thoughts can compound into good fortune for us, and others around us.

~Coach Clara

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LGIM: Off to the Races

If you owned a racehorse and were told that for every race it won you would be guaranteed $1M… how well would you take care of that horse?
You would make sure
it ate well
was well taken care of
was physically and mentally fit
and also, not over worked.

You would do your best to ensure that the horse was at its peak performance every time.

So why are we not doing this for ourselves? We run a race each day and even though the prize may not be a million dollars, we do have the chance to win every day. But maybe we are not because we are not truly showing up in our peak state of performance. Maybe we are not well taken care of and ready to run the daily races.

This week I want you to work on you and getting yourself prepared for success. What do you need to feed your body and mind, how can you take care of yourself, rest and get into your peak state of performance? Be ready because the races are here. Let’s do what we can to guarantee your win…chances are the prize will be much greater than $1M.

~Coach Clara

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EPISODE 6: The Go Giver Leader

Welcome back to Ninja Coaching Book Reviews!

A new episode of the Ninja Coaching Book Review series! Ninja Coaches, Gretchen Adams and Tona Restine, do a deep dive into Bob Burg’s, The Go Giver Leader. Bob Burg has an incredible way of weaving valuable lessons in easy to digest stories. Find out what Gretchen and Tona thought about this book focused on leadership and whether they would recommend it as your next read.

Thank you for joining us today.
If you enjoyed this latest episode of our Ninja Coaching Book Reviews please share it!

If you have ideas of a book you would like Gretchen and Tona to discuss, please shoot them an email at bookreviews@ninjacoaching.com.

Need to catch up on Gretchen and Tona’s
other Ninja Coaching Book Reviews?
You them out HERE.

Are you interested in reading The Go Giver Leader?

Click here to order from Amazon.

Let us know your favorite take-away.

If you found this time with Gretchen and Tona insightful,
please take a moment to leave us a review so others like you have an easier time of finding this great resource.

We appreciate you!

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LGIM: Get Creative

If you are trying to wrap a present and do not have tape, a glue stick can work perfectly. If you need to hang a picture and can’t find the hammer, a can of something can do the trick
Right now, you may feel like you don’t have the right “tools” to do your job. But you do ….

There isn’t just one way to do things. Sometimes we need to pivot and find a new source for fixing an issue.

This week if you are feeling stuck, take a moment and Look around you. There Is most likely alternate source that can work just as well and get you the result you want. Don’t give up, don’t get frustrated – get creative. There is always a solution and it is often right in front of us.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: There is NO try

In honor of May 4th, I dedicate today’s blog to all my Star Wars fans…

Master Yoda is know for his quote… do or do not, there is no try.

When we say we will “try” to do something, we have already given ourselves and out, and in truth we are not really committed to our words.

We say things like,
i’ll try to come by
i’ll try that process
i’ll try that script

but will we really???? ( and believe me I have said all these things too….)

It is only when we commit that we truly show up and follow through.

This week I encourage you, only commit to what you really will do. Maybe that means agreeing to do less so that you can show up and be present with the right things.

This week, take out the “try” and lets all commit to the “do”. I bet we can all accomplish some great things.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Supply and Demand

The law of supply and demand states that when something is in short supply it becomes more valuable, and if there is an over-abundance of something it is less valuable.

Time can be like this. Before we were faced with the virus, many of us had a lack of time. We would wish for days we could sleep in, wear our pjs and the ability to watch endless tv.
Now that we have this ability to slow down, we may not be valuing time. And now many of us are dreaming of getting back to “the hustle”.

This week enjoy your time. Don’t wish for the supply of time to be gone and the everyday demands to be back. Enjoy this time – value it. It will be gone before you realize, and you will once again be longing for it.

~Coach Clara

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LGIM: You ARE Ready

Change happens. We all know this. But are we prepared for it???
YES we are.
One of the greatest examples of change are the seasons we experience in nature. Every year they happen – some we embrace more than others, but we accept them and know we need the change; in fact, it is the change in one season that prepares nature for the next season.
Spring bring new blossoms and leaves that we need to keep us cool and shaded in the summer
Fall, with its falling of leaves, prepares trees and plans for the shutdown they need in the winter
Winter brings rain and snow that is needed for the spring flowers to grow
and the cycle continues….
Each change prepares for what is needed in the next cycle.
Right now, we are experiencing change too. Some of the changes we may like, and others can be more challenging. Know that the changes that are happening are needed – they will help you grow and bring new opportunities. This week take a deep breath and acknowledge the changes that are happening – you don’t have to love them, but you do need to embrace them. Focus on knowing that the changes are preparing and strengthening you for what is coming next. You WILL be ready!

~ Coach Clara

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