LGIM: What you See is what you Get

They say what you see is what you get, meaning you get whatever you are looking for.

For example, some can look at a field of dandelions and see an opening to wishes and others will just see a sea of weeds. We all receive exactly what we seek….

Are you looking for a “busy” week or one in which you can be productive?
A challenging conversation or one where you can gain clarity and deeper understanding?
A lost sale or a way to work on your skills for the next, right client?

So if what we see is what we get, my suggestion is to start with a focus on what you want to get. The more you know the result you are looking for, the easier it will be to “see” what is in front of you.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Is there a hole in your bucket?

If you try to carry water in a bucket with a hole in the bottom it will make the activity more of a challenge. Same thing is true with us as humans – if we try to do something but have holes in our world it will take a lot more effort!

For us the holes are a depletion of our energy, mindset and focus. If we are not “full” in these areas our success and ability to serve will be greatly hindered.

This week take time to fill up your personal bucket. Get rest, prepare, be focused and get your mindset into one of gratitude and abundance. The more you protect yourself and patch the “holes” in your bucket, the better and easier it will be to carry on during the week.

~Coach Clara

Clara Capano
Master Ninja Coach and Instructor


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Hit the Pause Button

When you hit pause on an electronic device it stops. When you hit pause for a human it is different. We don’t stop – it is when we grow.

When we hit pause it is our way of recharging and re-energizing. When we take a moment to pause we allow ourselves to take a step back. We can look and reflect on what has happened, what is happening and what we want to happen.

When we pause we get time to reflect. We have time to assess the next steps in life and business and it allows us the clarity to go forward the right way.

You see we can not get stuck in play mode. We need to pause.

This week hit the pause button. Take a break. Take a breath. It will allow you to move forward with purpose.

~ Clara

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LGIM: Batteries Included

As a kid when I received a toy I was THRILLED when the batteries were included.  That meant I could start to play with it right then and there!

Like toys, we need batteries to operate too – and we have them!  Its called Attitude!

However, sometimes our batteries run low on a charge and that can affect us.  Our attitude controls our day, and we get to decide our outcome in about the first 5 min of the day.  Listen to how you talk to yourself as you wake up….

Oh, it’s Monday and I have to work.  vs It’s Monday – Lets Get this week going!

I can’t believe how early it is.  vs GOOD MORNING WORLD

I have so much to do.  vs  It will be a productive day

This week – make sure your batteries are fully charged.  Go into the week with energy, focus and an attitude that will carry you through with success.  Remember – your batteries are included too, so go out and use them!

~ Coach Clara


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LGIM: What are you planting?

When you see a farm, the soil is fertile and is there to nurture the seeds that are planted. The soil doesn’t really care what seeds are planted – it knows its job is to nourish the seeds to help them grow.

If corn is planted – it will nurture corn
if watermelon – it will nurture watermelon
and so forth…..

Whatever is planted, the soil with help it grow.

the same is true with our brains. The brain is designed to nurture and grow the thoughts we plant. Just like the soil and the seeds.

If we plant anger, it will nurture anger
If we plant negativity, it will grow negativity…
resentment, failure, fear…… you get the picture?

The point – if you do not want a crop of bad things, you better make sure you are planning seed of positivity, joy, abundance and kindness.

The soil with nurture the seeds,
Your brain will nurture your thoughts.

This week I ask, What are you planting????


~ Coach Clara

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The Adventure of a Lifetime

Lets talk about taking a trip. Are you getting excited?

Many times trips are fun. they are filled with anticipation, excitement and adventure. However sometimes along the way there are pitfalls….

there may be delays at the airport
detours in the road
or unplanned storms

but isn’t that part of the adventure?

When we stay on the “plan” too much ( stay within our comfort zone) we don’t get to live the adventure. Life is about living, being alive and being fully engaged. That doesn’t mean it is always fun…. but when we live, we experience the true journey of life.

This week, enjoy the journey. if there are bumps in the road, accept them, embrace them and let them be part of the adventure to your life. It will help you grow, develop compassion, patience and be alive.


~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Stop Watching the Hghlights

Many times when we want to look at success, we follow someone’s highlights to their career.

Stop watching the highlights!

There is no overnight success ..

for the musician, it’s years of playing in dingy bars

the comedian, night after night on the road getting paid in T-shirts and hamburgers

for the sales person,  hearing no more times that they can count

and for the writer, thousands of rejections before they get published

We  cannot keep looking at somebody’s success and feel “how lucky they are” that it just came so easily for them what we are seeing is their highlight reel.  We only see the success, the after effect –  not the days, the months,  the hours of work that they put in and the rejections that they overcame.

This week look at success as a process.   It is not overnight.  You have to be committed.  You have to face the rejections in order to experience the highlights.  Success lies in the struggles – for all of us.  Rather than looking at just the success attained, look at the struggle and the resilience  it took to get there.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Tie Your Shoes

Coach John Wooden of UCLA won many championships. One of the greatest tools he used for preparing his team started even before the games were played.

Day one of each season began with a lesson on tying shoes properly. Yep – tying shoes.  Coach knew was that championships were not simply  won on the court, but rather as a result of knowing and living in the core fundamentals.

Making sure the players were prepared ( and had shoes that fit and were ready to protect ) helped to insure his players had the mindset and habits of champions

What about you? How are your habits and mindset?

As we head into 2019 – what are the goals you have and more importantly what are the fundamentals you need to focus on each and every day

It may seem silly to start with tying your shoes, but the small details lay the foundation for big wins.

This week, get clear.  Know what it will take to win and show up daily working those key fundamentals, no matter how small or silly they may sound

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LGIM: Danger Ahead

For many of us, we are getting ready for the New Year. We are looking at our goals and planning our strategies. As we get closer to the ‘start” day for these plans, I find that something happens….

we start to talk to ourselves. We start to look a the goals and tell ourselves
How are we gonna make that happen
You cant reach that goal
Its gonna be hard

We begin to look at the difficulties in hit our goals and many times this leads us to pull back and play small as we enter the year.

We use the excuse that we are “playing it safe” or that we are being ‘realistic’. but here’s the thing…..

Playing it safe is dangerous. It keeps us small. It doesn’t allow us to become the best version of ourselves. It keeps us from serving at the highest level and it robs us of our dreams.

You goals may be big. They may be crazy. And YES I will be hard.

It also will be worth it!

This week, Don’t play small. Don’t hold back. Push through and GO BIG. You were not put on this earth to be average.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Congratulations

Shawn T, the creator of the fitness program Insanity, was on a panel and a guest was telling him of her struggles, both personal and professional. His response to her:


He was not being mean or condescending, but rather honest. He went on to explain that all of the struggles we go through are needed for success. We should learn to congratulate ourselves for not only facing the struggles, but for pushing through them.

His message – Success lies in the Struggle

This week, don’t be mad, fearful or run away from the challenges. This week embrace them and congratulate yourself for having them – this means you are in the right track!

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