Biggest Mistakes Agents Make in the New Year

These ideas were shared with me from one of my fellow coaches and I thought it was both powerful and true.  Hope these tips can help you to start your 2012 Year with Success….

The Seven Biggest Mistakes Agents Make at the Beginning of a New Year …

1. “They start the New Year too late.” Most don’t start till after January 15th and many don’t start till as late as January 30th, which means the competition has a tremendous head start because the good agents start working on January 2nd. When do you plan on starting your year?

2. “They start without a good, solid, workable business plan.” The business plan as you know includes a recap of the previous year, their goals for the year, the numbers required to attain the goal, a sample daily schedule, and a list of the challenges they face, with solutions. Do you have your business plan completed?

3. “They don’t follow up quickly enough on all of their leads.” Most agents generate a tremendous number of leads in December for the month of January and they will generally lose 2 to 3 contracts in the month of January because of a lack of quick and efficient follow-up on all the leads they have. Are you prepared to follow up on your leads?

4. “They don’t intensify the amount of prospecting they’re going to do.” If you’re going to kick the year off properly and get your mindset in the right place, you have to commit 100% to how you’re going to build your business to start, and then continue that throughout the course of the year. Are you prepared to start an intense prospecting program on January 2nd?

5. “They don’t commit to a strong daily schedule.” In the first quarter of the year you need to be very specific … starting today … as to how many days you’re going to work in the first quarter and what you’re going to do throughout the course of each day in January, February and March. Are you prepared to commit to a strong daily schedule?

6. “Big mistake … they don’t do a solid critique of the last 12 months.” You need to look carefully at your areas of weakness and your areas of strength so you can eliminate the weaknesses and build on those strengths as the New Year begins. If you allow your weaknesses to continue in 2012, you’re allowing yourself not to have the kind of success that you want. Are you prepared to address those weaknesses?

7. “They don’t source their business from the previous year.” By sourcing their business they look for the areas that they can duplicate based on what happened the previous 12 months and get more business from those same areas in the future months. When you source your business and recognize where it comes from, you quickly realize what you have to do to maintain and build your business. Are you prepared to source your business?

~ thank you Mike for sharing these tips.


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