LGIM: The Summit

summit_smWhen James Clark set out to climb Mt Everest, he had already summited several other smaller mountains. He knew this was a big ( and demanding) task and set out to accomplish it. After he succeeded in 1997 he didn’t just pack it in and say “ok I’m done”, instead he celebrated the success and then set his attention to his next goal – or ‘summit’.

We all have summits in life that we climb, some for business and some personal. They key is to never stop, but continually set and reach to climb new summits to help us grow and expand our frame of reference. Some summits are large, and others small…but with all we still need discipline and drive. And when we are done, we set our course for the next adventure.

What are some of your summits…..

Hit a certain production level or income?

Write a book?

Get fit and healthy?

Travel to a certain country(s)?

Start a new business?

……and know that after you achieve this summit, the next one will be there waiting for you!

This week Clara_white– what summit do you want to climb and conquer?

~ Coach Clara

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Clara Capano, Certified Ninja Selling Instructor and Personal Coach
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