LGIM: Happily Ever After

happily_ever_after_smIn fairytales, there is always the character that brings wisdom and guidance to the star – in Pinocchio it was Jiminy Cricket, Cinderella had her fairy Godmother and Aladdin had his Genie. This character helped the ‘hero” find a way to solve a seemingly unsolvable problems; just when the hero thought all was lost, their guide showed them the way and got them through their difficult times.

You may be facing some challenges in your world right now – you may feel tired, deflated and a loss of energy to face the day. You may even have thoughts of pulling the covers back over your head to hide from the day ahead. But don’t – because you have someone to help you save the day too!! Is it someone you know? Is it a kind stranger? Is this a divine intervention?

This person, this wise guide who will bring you clarity, is closer than you think and is with you all the time – it’s YOU!

You are your BEST guide. You have all the answers already with you. You have the clarity and wisdom to get you through any challenge. You just have to take a moment to ask yourself what you need to do to move forward.

Clara_whiteThis week – don’t wait for someone else to rescue you and show you the greatness ahead for you. Make this week yours by being your own guide – be wise with your time and your actions and your ‘happily ever after’ will come too.

~ Coach Clara

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