LGIM: Be in Love!

We all like the idea of where we will be “when we make it”.  In fact we are in love with the end result!


We love

The idea of success

The feeling of being sought after

Having money, fame, etc


We love what we will get ….


But we often don’t love what we have to do to get there.  And that’s the problem.  We want the end results but are not willing to do what it will take to get there.


It isn’t enough to be in love with the end of the journey – you Must believe in and fall in love with the process to get there.  You must find a way to love the work it will take, the habits you need and the daily disciplines required along the way.


I will also say the process will not always be fun and you may not always like it – but it is necessary.


So this week fall in love – not just with the person you will become but also the process to get there.  The future you will be happier and even stronger!

~ Coach Clara

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