LGIM: All You Can Eat Buffet

What are you craving today?  We all want something different.   When you go to a cafeteria or buffet – that is the draw.  You only have to get what YOU want.

Do you want chicken?  Pasta?  Salad?  Dessert?  well get that.  And if there is something your don’t want….just move along.  And at the end of the line you only pay for what you choose.

The same is true in life – you get to ‘choose’ what you want to do.  Life has a lot of options – and you don’t have to do everything. But it isn’t so easy….

Here is the challenge… yes you get to choose, but you must choose wisely.  What you choose is what you get AND you must be willing to pay for what you take….

Do you want to be more productive?  Then your choices need to bring you results in that area…

Do you want more income?  Are you making the right choices to bring you that result…

Do you want to be healthier?  Are you making healthier food and exercise choices…..

Are you willing to choose wisely?  And are you willing to pay the cost for those choices?

This week – think about what is it you really want?  Don’t just take what looks ‘good’ or easy, but rather what will bring you what you truly desire and what will help you become who you truly want to be.


~ Coach Clara

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2 Responses to LGIM: All You Can Eat Buffet

  1. No better day than Monday to get started!

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