LGIM: Brushing Teeth

What does brushing your teeth for two minutes in the morning do ????  Absolutely nothing !   Where the power and protection come in is when you brush your teeth both morning AND night every day …. you can’t just do it once and hope for a healthy mouth.
THe same goes in life and business.  If you want growth and health for your dreams you must commit daily.
It will take …
More than one day of making calls
More than one work out
More than one day of good habits
It will take more.  And it will take more consistently
So this week think about where you want to go and what it will take. And then make the commitment to bring it every day.
~ Coach Clara
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2 Responses to LGIM: Brushing Teeth

  1. dman2623 says:

    Twice a day???? Lol. When does your book come out?

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