LGIM: Stormy Weather

A well-built boat can withstand a storm if the captain who is navigating knows what he or she is doing. An experienced and knowledgeable captain can guide a boat through the worst storm, and arrive on the shore safely.
Sometimes we need to travel  through stormy weather to get to our goals – it could be a rough transaction, a failed sale, falling off the diet or maybe a week where we didn’t hit our goals.
But here’s the deal – you just need to take a moment and refocus on your path and take control Of the wheel so you can sail your ship back on course.
Don’t worry about past experience; just start being more conscious of today.  Rough waters can push you back and slow you down – but they can’t stop you.
This week, take a moment to redirect yourself and you will find yourself navigating clearly and  sailing back to shore, in safety.
~ Coach Clara
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