LGIM: Don’t take on Water

A ship can sail through any water and not sink.  It is only when it allows water into its hull, that it will begin to have issues and eventually sink.

We are like a ship too – we have the power and ability to  navigate through any issues, obstacles and journeys.  It is only when we choose to allow in ‘bad stuff’ that we begin to lose power and sink.  For us this is when we take on a mindset of scarcity, negativity and fear.  All these things become heavy on our hearts and mind and keep us from moving strong through our days.

So this week, protect your ship.  Keep your mind focused and clear of anything that can pull your down and cause you to sink.  Steer clear of negativity and focus on abundance and gratitude.

Like the ship – you are solid and can navigate through anything and make it to your life, your dreams, your goals.


~ Clara

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