LGIM: Pass the Fertilizer

During the spring, flowers start to bloom.  We have the opportunity to look at them and enjoy their beauty every day.  But what we need to remember is that the beauty comes from being covered in dirt and manure.  If the seeds are not covered – they will not have the nutrients to grow into beauty.

The same can be said for us…. at times we get sh&% thrown on us too.  And then this happens we get angry, depressed, frustrated – we fight it, What we need to remember is that without the bad we cannot appreciate the good and also become the beauty  ourselves.

There is a saying “Sh&% Happens” and it does.  I am not saying you are going to like it, but you do need to understand that it will happen and rather than fighting it, know it is bringing you nutrients to grow.

So this week, connect with the flowers, allow yourself to be covered in both the good and the bad. Enjoy the richness and know that in all things that are difficult and uncomfortable beauty grows,


~ Coach Clara

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1 Response to LGIM: Pass the Fertilizer

  1. Dana Tetens says:

    So true…that

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