Ninja Book Review – TALK LIKE TED By: Carmine Gallo

Talk Like Ted
by: Carmine Gallo

“I’m a learning machine and this is the place to learn.”
Tony Robbins, TED Talk 2004

Who is TED? When I watched my first TED Talk I asked myself this very question. I thought he must be this really great guy who has the gift of seeking amazing people to give talks on their own passions. Spoiler alert, TED is not a person. Rather TED is a non-profit organization devoted to spreading ideas usually in the form of short powerful talks.  Since the beginning, talks have been limited to 18 minutes or less to help hold the attention of their audience. TED was conceived by Richard Saul in 1984 at a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged (now you also know who TED is). Today, you can find TED talks on almost any subject.

In the book Talk Like TED, Carmine Gallo takes you on a brilliant journey of the 9 public speaking secrets as discovered from the world’s top minds and shared through their TED Talks. Gallo shares the stories, tips and quotes from the most viewed and popular TED Talks around the globe giving readers the gift of the practicality and conceptual map from each presenter. Many people have a fear of public speaking, the very thought of standing in front a group can be debilitating. The 9 secrets you learn in this book will help you become a more confident, persuasive and dynamic presenter. 

Hmm, should I share the 9 secrets with you?

I just can’t do it, but I will share with you my favorite, #9. Stay in Your Lane. The most inspiring TED speakers are passionate and open, and often vulnerable. This vulnerability might be my favorite part. One of my all time favorite TED Talks is with Brene’ Brown who talks about vulnerability research and shares her own story on the subject. 

To learn more about “staying in your lane” and the other 8 secrets along with the stories behind them, you are going to have to read (or listen) to “Talk Like Ted”. You will be happy you did!

Who should read this book?

You should read this book if……

  • you love TED Talks!
  • you are a presenter (no matter how large or small)
  • you are a leader
  • you are a speaker
  • you just want to learn more about TED Talks

This book is not just about becoming a better speaker, it’s the fascinating stories behind the talks themselves.

“Don’t fake it until you make it, fake it until you become it.”
-Amy Cuddy

Ninja Book Review_ 5 Stars

Another 5 star book!

Want to add it to your “read” list?
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A huge thank you to Larry Kendall for the gift of this book.


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Written by:  Gretchen Adams
Certified Ninja Coach and Ninja Mastery Instructor
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