LGIM: Be Perfect for Others

Jiro Ono began working in restaurants at the age of 7.  He later opened his own sushi restaurant at age 26 – and his restaurant became one of the most famous sushi restaurants in the world.

For over 50 years, Jiro made his sushi with the same passion and beauty, winning him 3 Micheline stars.  One of the reasons for his success – shokunin.

Shokunin is a Japanese word for “artisan”, which he is, but the meaning goes deeper than that.  Shokunin is about the drive for perfection with an attitude and belief of social consciousness; it is not about perfection for you, but in delivering perfection and greatness for others.  It is the belief that we have an obligation to deliver our best for the service of others.

We all have the ability to give our best and to strive for ‘perfection’.  But are we doing it for ourselves or for others?

Clara Capano, Master Ninja Coach

This week focus on being your best not for personal gain, but rather to deliver greatness and value to those around you.  Take the time to work toward your “perfection” as a gift to those around you, because when you care about others they in-turn will care about you.  And that is the secret to success.

~Coach Clara

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