NINJA COACHING Coast to Coast – Episode 83

Episode 83: The Dirty Little Secret about Online Leads

NINJA COACHING Coast to Coast 
EPISODE 83: The Dirty Little Secret About Online Leads

The dirty little secret about online leads… leads feel good, and sometimes they lead to good things, but let’s talk about why there are leads to be bought in the first place. And, just as important, let’s talk about “the cost” of chasing down these online leads. Let’s face it, if these people had a “trusted advisor” who was in the flow with them, they wouldn’t be looking for a stranger on the internet to help them with a major financial decision. Someone, or more likely a few people, neglected that relationship and now they are a “free agent”. And unlike someone in your sphere or someone you are in flow with, these free agents demand a level of “on-call” that drains your business in many ways.

“Before there is a lead there is a
relationship not being maintained.”

In this episode of NINJA COACHING Coast to Coast, Garrett Frey and Matt Bonelli, discuss this dirty little secret about online leads and further discuss how to change your perspective. If you are looking to build a relationship-based business, a business where you are not depending on an influx of strangers, then having this mindset about leads is important.  Click here to listen now.

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Are you currently buying leads? How much time in your real estate practice is devoted to vetting and chasing down these leads? Have you ever received a “lead” that was someone you actually know and considered part of your database??? Lastly, we are very curious, what percentage of your closed transactions do your purchased leads account for?

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