NINJA COACHING Coast to Coast – Episode 86

NINJA COACHING Coast to Coast 
EPISODE 86: Do You Track with the Market or Do You Outperform?

There is a huge difference between tracking the market and outperforming the market! Your business may be up 20%, but if the market is up 20%, you are really just running an average business. Outperforming on the other hand is quite different. Even in a down market, if your business is down 2% but the market on a whole is down 10%, you are doing very well in comparison. It is super important to know your numbers, but also know where you stand in relationship to your market on a whole. Your numbers alone are only part of the story.

“Tracking along with the market
is nothing more than average.”

In this episode of NINJA COACHING Coast to Coast, Garrett Frey and Matt Bonelli, discuss why it’s important to know your stats with an emphasis on why outperforming the market is necessary if you want to perform at an elite level. Tracking along with the market is nothing more than average.  Click here to listen now.

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NINJA COACHING is fiercely committed to guiding real estate agents and mortgage brokers through the process of implementing NINJA SELLING philosophies and principles to build their businesses and lives that surpass anything they thought possible.

The Ninja Coaching Coast to Coast Podcast is for real estate agents, mortgage professionals, sales pros and ANYONE looking to better their business to increase their income per hour. Learn from the hosts, Ninja Selling Coaches, Garrett Frey and Matt Bonelli, as they share tips and tricks from top producing agents around the country.

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