LGIM: Be a Pro

Are you showing up as an amateur or a pro?
When we look at professional athletes, like Michael Jordan, we get the image of someone at the top of their game. Someone who shows up and gives their all in every game they play. Someone who never holds back.
Do you think Michael Jordan feels pumped every day? Do you think he ever gets sick? Do you think there are days where he wants to quit?
A profession is human like the rest of us. They have good and bad days. They have days where they don’t want to show up just like us.
The difference is they do.
Pros don’t quit. They dig deep each day and don’t allow excuses to stop them.
A professional knows others are looking to them for guidance and inspiration. A professional knows others are counting on them. A professional want to be proud of the actions and legacy they leave. A Professional does not give themselves the option to quit or give less than their best.
So this week – show up and give your all. Even if you don’t feel like it. Show up – and inspire those around you to do the same. Bring your A game to all you do – be the Pro you know you are!
~ Coach Clara

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