Grateful in the Midst of “Gratitude”

What a gift it is for me to pause in the midst of my “Gratitude” to simply be grateful.

I don’t know quite when it happened… I do know it was born of good intentions; but somewhere along the line I have allowed the condition of my thankful heart to become a task to be checked off my daily To-Do List.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with relegating habits of mindfulness and gratitude into our daily practice, routine or check-off list; so long as the intention behind the act doesn’t get lost in the completion of the task!

Oh, I so hope this is making sense… for those of you who are “production oriented, high achieving, to-do list making, outcome based” souls like myself; I believe you may know precisely what I mean!  Checking things off our list is just so darned satisfying; isn’t it? 

  • Gratitudes -Check!
  • Affirmations-Check!
  • Positive Reading-Check!

So, with this in mind…. Today; I will pause in the pursuit of my “GRATITUDE” and I will get still, quiet and intentionally GRATEFUL!  I will sit in the awareness of what is rich in my life.  I will exclaim over the simple, yet divine pleasures I have been afforded.  I will tune in to the laughter of my children.  I will thank my imperfect body for the many ways it has served me all the days of my life. I will hold the hand of my beloved; a true testimony to honor and hard work. I will bask in the eyes of adoration of my sweet and faithful pup. I will savor an unhurried cup of coffee or a lovely glass of wine with a treasured friend.  Today, I will ABIDE in gratitude. I will rest in the amazing and wonderful, “enoughness” of my life and business… won’t you join me?

~ Coach Tona

A little about the author….
Tona Restine joins us from Central Texas with a deep understanding in all things real estate and Ninja. Her extensive background coupled with her natural coaching talents put her in a special position to help her clients unlock their potential. Click here to learn more about Tona.

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