LGIM: Climb the Summit

Climbing a summit, like Everest is not easy. Far from it!
Climbers spend years planning and preparing for the climb. And even when they get there, they are faced with complications.

The climb is daunting, exhausting and dangerous. And when they get to the summit, they are there for mere minutes.

Why do they do all of this for just a few moments of celebration?

It is all in the journey. They know they are accomplishing something so great, a dream and working at the highest level of themselves. They do it because it will challenge them, it will force them to grow and help them achieve something monumental. They are willing to face the fear, the danger, the discomfort for the journey.

What is YOUR Everest? What are you willing to face? What are your goals? Are you ready to push through the pain and discomfort you will face on your journey. The celebration at the top of the mountain may only last a few moments, but the knowing you made it will last forever. This week, start the climb to your summit.

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