LGIM: I don’t wanna….

When you were a kid, there might have been some foods you didn’t like – maybe it was broccoli or spinach. Even so, your parents would make you eat it anyway because they knew it was good for you.
As an adult, you may be facing something you do not particularly like, and even though you would rather not do it, you know you need to because it will help you.

Maybe you need to….
Working on a new discipline
Starting a new career path or business
Having a difficult conversation
Starting a workout plan
Eat better

You know these items are good for you but you still don’t wanna do them.
There will always be things we do not enjoy, but just like when we were young, we must do them because they are good for the “future” us. This week do not focus on the discomfort of today, but rather thinking of how these changes will help you in the future. You may never love the item, but I promise that you will fall in love with the results.

~ Coach Clara

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