LGIM: You ARE Ready

Change happens. We all know this. But are we prepared for it???
YES we are.
One of the greatest examples of change are the seasons we experience in nature. Every year they happen – some we embrace more than others, but we accept them and know we need the change; in fact, it is the change in one season that prepares nature for the next season.
Spring bring new blossoms and leaves that we need to keep us cool and shaded in the summer
Fall, with its falling of leaves, prepares trees and plans for the shutdown they need in the winter
Winter brings rain and snow that is needed for the spring flowers to grow
and the cycle continues….
Each change prepares for what is needed in the next cycle.
Right now, we are experiencing change too. Some of the changes we may like, and others can be more challenging. Know that the changes that are happening are needed – they will help you grow and bring new opportunities. This week take a deep breath and acknowledge the changes that are happening – you don’t have to love them, but you do need to embrace them. Focus on knowing that the changes are preparing and strengthening you for what is coming next. You WILL be ready!

~ Coach Clara

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