LGIM: There is NO try

In honor of May 4th, I dedicate today’s blog to all my Star Wars fans…

Master Yoda is know for his quote… do or do not, there is no try.

When we say we will “try” to do something, we have already given ourselves and out, and in truth we are not really committed to our words.

We say things like,
i’ll try to come by
i’ll try that process
i’ll try that script

but will we really???? ( and believe me I have said all these things too….)

It is only when we commit that we truly show up and follow through.

This week I encourage you, only commit to what you really will do. Maybe that means agreeing to do less so that you can show up and be present with the right things.

This week, take out the “try” and lets all commit to the “do”. I bet we can all accomplish some great things.

~ Coach Clara

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