LGIM: Off to the Races

If you owned a racehorse and were told that for every race it won you would be guaranteed $1M… how well would you take care of that horse?
You would make sure
it ate well
was well taken care of
was physically and mentally fit
and also, not over worked.

You would do your best to ensure that the horse was at its peak performance every time.

So why are we not doing this for ourselves? We run a race each day and even though the prize may not be a million dollars, we do have the chance to win every day. But maybe we are not because we are not truly showing up in our peak state of performance. Maybe we are not well taken care of and ready to run the daily races.

This week I want you to work on you and getting yourself prepared for success. What do you need to feed your body and mind, how can you take care of yourself, rest and get into your peak state of performance? Be ready because the races are here. Let’s do what we can to guarantee your win…chances are the prize will be much greater than $1M.

~Coach Clara

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