LGIM: Have a glass of water

One day a teacher wanted to share a lesson on perspective to her students. She took a glass and filled it with water and the. Asked the students how heavy the glass was

As they responded the teacher simply smiled and replied

The actual weight is the glass does not matter. What matters is how long you have to hold onto the glass.

You see if we only hold it for a few moments it can seem relatively light, but over time those few ounces can begin to feel heavier

Stress and worry are the same. We all have stress, but how long we hold onto it will determine the effect it has over our lives. If we can learn to face, accept, and work through the stress, the effect will be minimal. But if we hold onto that stress and worry, they will become so heavy that it will begin to numb and paralyze us.

This week if you feel stressed or worried, acknowledge it and work through it. Do not hold onto it. The more we can work though our issues the lighter we will feel, and we can move forward more freely.

~ Coach Clara

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