LGIM: Watch out for Curve Balls

In baseball, the pitcher can decide which type ball to throw – fast, slow, curve – and the batter has to be ready.  They do not know what ball is going to be thrown at them so they need to take time to prepare for whatever may come their way.
Players spend hours preparing for each type of pitch and they also depend on their team and coaches to prep them and keep watch along with them.  All this preparation is there to aid them in success.
Life  is like this – you never know what  is going to be pitched at you.  Somedays its smooth and straight and others are just the opposite.
Even though we can never be 100% certain of what is coming our way, we can prepare.  We can plan our weeks out to highlight upcoming events and targets, we can surround ourselves with others that help look out and support us, and we can create an environment that promotes focus and limits distractions.
Life can be messy and uncertain, but when you are prepared you will be more confident and ready for anything that comes your way… even those curve balls.
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