EPISODE 8: The Traveler’s Gift

Welcome back to Ninja Coaching Book Reviews!

This month, we have a great summer read for you all. Ninja Coaches, Gretchen Adams and Tona Restine, bring us their review and thoughts on The Traveler’s Gift, by Andy Andrews.

Spoiler alert, they loved it so much we are doing another book study!!!

Click below to listen to their full book review.

If it sounds like the kind of book you want to take a deep dive on (or you have read it in the past and want to re-explore it on a deeper level), you can register for the upcoming book study HERE

This book study is open to anyone who wants to be a part of a supportive community, interested in discussing ideas and exploring ways to apply concepts in their real lives and businesses. If you are on the Ninja path, if you are in the business world, if you just like discussing new ideas and enjoying a sense of community, this is for you!

Grab the book
(order on Amazon here)

Join us next Monday, July 20th
to discuss
the first of the “Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success”. 

**All live sessions are recorded and distributed to our registered participants in case 3pm CST on Mondays is not the best time for you. That said, personal engagement is highly recommended.

If you have ideas of a book you would like Gretchen and Tona to discuss, please shoot them an email at bookreviews@ninjacoaching.com.

Need to catch up on Gretchen and Tona’s
other Ninja Coaching Book Reviews?
You them out HERE.

Are you interested in reading
The Traveler’s Gift?
Click here to order from Amazon.

We hope you will join us, starting July 20th.

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