LGIM: Is 60% Enough?

In order for an airplane to get off the ground it requires energy.  In fact it takes roughly 60% thrust to get it up in the air.
Many of us are giving 60% effort too.  We are putting forth energy, and we are moving,  but is it really enough to get us to where we want to go?
In Ninja Selling we talk about the Net Forward Energy Ratio (NFER), basically what results can we expect based on the energy we expend toward a particular goal.  Here is how it lays out:
60% Effort / 40 % resistance = 1.5 / 10 NFER ( roughly about a 15% return/success rate)
80% Effort / 20% Resistance = 4/10 NFER
90% Effort / 10% Resistance = 9/10 NFER
and when you give 100% Effort – the possibilities are infinite and results are limitless.
So the question I have for you is what type of effort are you giving?  Is 60% enough to get you where you want to go?  This week I challenge you to take an honest look at how you are showing up and the effort you are putting in.  The year is NOT over yet.
Give your all and create real change.  After all, why simply take off when you really can soar!
~Coach Clara
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