LGIM: Ouch!

There was a man and his dog sitting on a porch.  Every few minutes the dog would let out a low moan.  This went on for a while.  A friend came by and asked the man  “what’s wrong with your dog?  Why is he moaning like that?’

“well, said the owner, he is laying on a nail.”

“why doesn’t he just move?” asked the onlooker

“because it doesn’t hurt him enough to move.”

I love this story because many of us do the same thing.  We have pain, but it is not quite enough to make us move.  We stay in a situation, dealing with the discomfort because the idea and effort to move is greater than the actual pain we are enduring.  The situation hurts…but not enough.

The problem is this…. if we don’t move, we can never change and improve our situation.  Yes, change is uncomfortable and yes its not ‘that bad’ where we are…but it is also not that good!

This week – get off your nail!  Take a chance to change.  Move through the discomfort and toward a better situation.  Even though the pain isn’t terrible right now…. The beauty of something new will show you it was all worth it!

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Throw it away

Often in our lives we are asked – if you could change one thing about yourself or add-on a new trait to help you be better what would that be?  So today I am asking you the same question – and this time I want you to write it down on a piece of paper.  You got it?

Ok, now I want you to throw that paper away.  That’s right – get rid of it!

You see we are who we are, and it isn’t that we can’t change, but we spend so much time focusing on that one thing that keeps up from being ‘perfect’ and we forget about, or even ignore the good qualities we already have that make us unique and amazing.

We spend too much time comparing ourselves to others or trying to become a person we think we ‘should be’ to please others when the reality is that you are already perfect.  You are perfectly “YOU”.

This week, throw away the notion that you have to change and the idea that 1 character trait is keeping you from becoming the best version of you. Instead, celebrate the beauty and awesomeness that is already in you.  This week just enjoy being you.

As Dr. Suess says: Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: The View from the Top

When a person goes to climb a mountain, like Everest, it takes guts, planning, and perseverance.  Once they start the climb they may have all the right equipment and a team of people there to help them, but circumstances outside of their control, like the weather may halt their movement.  They may be stopped for hours, even days waiting;  they can seem so close to their goal – yet also so far and feel like they are making no progress.


This is where they must persevere.  They can’t just give up.  They use this time to stay focused, re-strategize and keep themselves rested for the arduous climb that awaits them.  They when they get the clear – they start climbing full of energy and enthusiasm, charging for their goal.


Like the climbers, we sometimes get stalled and halted too.  We make forward movement and then suddenly have to stop.  That can be frustrating and deflating to our spirit and drive.  But we too must persevere and push through.  We can’t just give up – our dream, our goal is still waiting for us and so close.


This week take a look and see what you may be stalled out on.  Is there something that you feel is far away or that you are not getting closer too?  Often it is in this time we need to re-group and rest because our climb is just about to start.  This week take the time to assess where you are and get ready to go forward.  Your Everest is there waiting and the view from the top is worth the climb!

– Coach Clara

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LGIM: Gazuntite

Did you know that you are contagious?   Yep, you are – we all are.  And what we are spreading around is our attitude.

Comedian Jim Carrey said – “the greatest impact you have on someone is the attitude you pass to them when you are with them”.

How we choose to show up each day is hugely impactful on others and it can spread at a rapid and compounding state.

So how are you showing up?

With a smile.

With a feeling of gratitude.

With a sense of pride and purpose.

With an intent to serve.

We all are contagious and we all have the power to heal simply by the attitude we choose to bring to every interaction.

So this week, don’t just focus on you, but also focus on those around you and how you can effect ( and possibly change) their day.  This week be contagious and spread a positive and meaningful attitude with the world

~ Coach Clara


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LGIM: Where are you Planted?

The world is an amazing place.  We have different regions where certain plants thrive – they have the perfect environment to create beauty and greatness.

Some areas produce the best grapes for wines, beans for coffee, others have lush and beautiful flowers and forests.  They are each unique and perfect for what they need to create.

The secret – they have the right environment.

All of these things could not grow and thrive without the needed and perfect environment.

People are the same.  We need the right environment for our growth and success.  We need nutrients in the people we surround ourselves with, beauty in our work space and support in what we learn and focus on daily.  Our success is directly related to our environment.

This week, take a look around and ask – are you planted in the right environment? Is your environment helping you grow into your best version of you?  Does it support you in achieving your goals?  And is it helping you now only survive, but more importantly thrive?  Make the needed changes to feed and nurture your environment…. Because like the plant, the right environment allows for the greatest of product.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Play Ball

ball_smIn honor of baseball season, lets look at the success rate of a ball player.  A great player has a batting average of .300.  What this means is that the batter will get a hit 3 out of 10 times, or 30%.  Conversely this also means that they will miss 7 out of 10 or 70%….  so to be considered great they fail 70% of the time!  And they are thrilled, sought after and revered.


Take a look at yourself. How often do you fail?


Most of us fail 10, 20 maybe 30% of the time and we are crushed.  We get frustrated, sad and often shut down.


A ball player happy with 70% failure and we are distraught over 30% or even less……


Its time to STOP!  To stop the frustration, despair and negative self-talk.  We all fail.  And it is a good thing…


Failure brings




Humility and



Failure is good and we need to start embracing it.


So this week – go up to the plate and swing at that ball!  Go for your dreams and don’t worry about missing the ball…. Just swing.  Chances are you will have a better average than most ball players of connecting and hitting a home run.


~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Take your Temperature

You have probably heard the concept of 212 degrees – that at 211 degrees water is water, but when it hits 212, it transforms to steam.  It is with this transformation that water has the ability to do great things such as power a steam engine.


But what about us?  What could we accomplish if we push ourselves just one extra degree – how could we transform and what level of greatness would we have?


What could that 1 extra degree mean for you?

Could it be one extra sales call?

A handwritten note?

Getting up earlier than normal to work out?

Being present in a conversation?

Listening to a podcast or reading a book instead of watching TV?


What could that 1 degree be for you?  And more importantly – what could you transform into and become?


1 degree isn’t much.  But over time it can add up to amazing things and change you into the person you know you can become – not only for yourself, but also for those around you.


This week take your temperature and be inspired to give that extra 1 degree.  One little degree is all it takes.  And who knows you may find that like water – you can power some pretty amazing things as well.


~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: How to Cook a Pot Roast

One day a young woman was making a pot roast for her family.  Her daughter sat close by observing her mother as she prepped the meat with the spices and then cutting the ends off the roast and putting it into the pan.

“Why do you cut the ends off the roast mommy?” she asked her mother

“well that is how my mother taught me to prepare it.  I have always done it like this.” she replied and continued on with her process.

A few days later, while talking with her mother, she inquired about the pot roast prepping and asked, ‘ So mom, why do you cut off the ends before putting the roast in the over?”  Her mother replied, “ Well that is how Grandma taught me to cook it and I have always done that.

Another couple of days pass and now the mother was talking with her mother and asked the question again… grandma replied “ well I had to cut off the ends because I only had one roasting pan and the roast was always too big to fit in there.  I cut off the ends to make it fit.”

How many times have we done something because that is the way we were taught and the way we “have always done it”?  Sometimes we need to stop and evaluate why we are doing something and determine if it is the right process, or maybe we need to adapt it and alter it.  Just because it work before, doens’t mean we cannot change it to make it fit our needs today.

This week – stop and think about what you do and how you maneuver through your daily practices… are they the best way or do you need to make some updates that will better serve you?  You may find that, like with the pot roast, you don’t need to just cut off the ends because grandma did.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Today is the BEST day

best_smMany times we focus on tomorrow –

Tomorrow I will work on that project

Tomorrow I will make those calls

Tomorrow I will start the diet

Here’s the thing – ANYONE can do something tomorrow.  Greatness lies with the people who chose the difficult things today…

So let me ask you – what are you putting off until tomorrow?  Is it a difficult conversation, the start of a new habit, your dreams?  Why are you waiting?  What will tomorrow have that today doesn’t?

This week I challenge you to be great, to be strong and to move forward.  You don’t need to wait for tomorrow – take hold of today.  After all, the beauty of tomorrow lies in what you accomplish today.

~ Coach Clara

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LGIM: Sinking Ships

sinking_ship_sm“Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them.”

I love this quote.  It is not the water, it is what is allowed in…  think about this in your life – what are you letting in?

Often times we have BIG thoughts and dreams and we allow those dreams to ‘sink’ because of the words and actions of others around us.  They tell us we are crazy or that we could never accomplish something so huge…we allow those words in and they sink our ship.

Don’t let others sink your ship!  If you have a goal and a dream – go for it!  Use the breeze of those who believe in and support you to push you forward and block out the nay-sayers that are working to put holes in your foundation.  Like a boat – you were made to sail and go places.

This week – keep sailing.  Block the holes in your boat and don’t let the bad waters in.  Keep sailing forward. Your island of dreams awaits you.

~ Coach Clara

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